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The Seventh Sun

The Seventh Sun is set in the world of Xaltoria and is destined to be better than DragonRealms or DR:TF could ever hope to be. It has not gone live *yet* as it is currently in testing stages, but when it does, folks you will be amazed, this I promise you.

There are two worlds at the moment, Lazaron and Karatta. Karatta is the province where PvP will be allowed.

AFK Scripting will be allowed *but* if it proves disruptive to the game, a staff member will more than likely step in. More info and input by the games designer on this subject can be found in the forums at www.theseventhsun.net .

There is SO MUCH to read about on the site and explore here, I encourage you to check it out and judge for yourself! The GMs here (or Developers as the designer likes to call them) actually LISTEN and CARE about what you want, think and/or would like to see in the game instance. There are SO MANY races, professions and such to delve into.

And before you ask to see a list of spells and such, don't. Hehe. The game designer has already said on the forums that she won't do it until it is finalized because she didn't want to say 'yes its going to be this way' then have the list come out, it be different and have us say 'but you SAID it would be THIS way!' :) I fully understand and wholeheartedly agree.

You don't have to go out and smite critters all day just so you can advance.

You could become a baker who bakes/provides skill enhancing breads and such for the players and advance!

You could become a tailor and make nice clothing and such for the players and still advance!

You can hire an assassin to rid yourself of that pesky person you can't kill. (You could be that assassin that is hired for just such a task!)

You can own your own home without being a premium player and paying a higher price.

You can found your own house (almost like a clan) and be responsible for the collection of taxes in your house, etc. It's all on the website!

To learn more click on the links below.  You can find most everything else you will need on the forums at The Seventh Sun or at their website at theseventhsungame.net

The Gods of Xaltoria
The Many Races of Xaltoria
The Trades Available in Xaltoria
Combat in Xaltoria
Magic in Xaltoria
Having Families in Xaltoria