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DR Cheat Sheet

Filled with lots of secrets, tips and hints.

Location of Injury
Herb for internal injury
Herb for external injury
Herb for internal scarring
Herb for external scarring
eghmok potion
nemoih root
hulij elixir
qun pollen
Right Eye
sufil sap
hulij elixir
qun pollen
Left Eye
sufil sap
hulij elixir
qun pollen
riolur leaf
georin salve
hisan salve
cebi root
ithor potion
plovik leaf
hisan salve
cebi root
muljin sap
nilos salve
hisan salve
cebi root
junliar stem
blocil potion
hulnik grass
hisan salve
cebi root
Right Arm
and Hand
yelith root
jadice flower
hisan salve
nuloe stem
cebi root
jadice pollen
Left Arm
and Hand
yelith root
jadice flower
hisan salve
nuloe stem
cebi root
jadice pollen
Right Leg
yelith root
jadice flower
hisan salve
nuloe stem
cebi root
jadice pollen
Left Leg
yelith root
jadice flower
hisan salve
nuloe stem
cebi root
jadice pollen

This is all I have for the clerical quests, and was taken from the DRSecrets.com website.

2nd Circle Quest - Tamsine
Listen to Esuin and it's pretty self explanitory. I wanna say you have to buy a flower from the cleric shop, and put it on the altar, then OFFER FLOWER ON ROCK, won't work if its in your hand in Tamsine's shrine which from the crossing bank is east, south, south. - Contributed by Laura and www.drsecrets.com

Commune: gives an offensive bonus to yourself or another.
To Invoke: sprinkle holy water on yourself or the other person and commune.

3rd Circle Quest - Eluned
South of Reavers there is a bridge, on the south side of that bridge go east, southeast, go pool. Once at the pool you have to pray or meditate. You will eventually be turned into a fish...then Dive Deep water and you will meet with Eluned or one of her counterparts. meditate again so you can turned back into a fish/human to get out of the area. - Contributed by Laura and www.drsecrets.com

Commune: gives an defensive bonus to yourself or another.
To Invoke: wave lit incence at yourself or the other person and commune.

8th Circle Quest - Kertigen:
First make your way to the oeblichar. if you don't know where it is, head a little north of rock trolls till you see a stoney trail. Climb the trail, up, go door, say "grek" (password to enter stone clan), go door again, n,ne,n,n,nw,n,n,n,go stone, go oeblichar.

When you get inside, the only way out is to find the altar and pray, or spend enough time down there and you will become unconscious and wake up outside of it.You have to either look torch if there are torches above the doorways, or look floor if ther is a knotwork pattern in the floor. If you don't do this in every room to find your way, then you will be returned to the oeblichar when you pray at the altar.

Once you get to the altar, just pray once and wait...that's all there is to it.

Commune: gives a much stronger bless to a weapon then the spell version (permanent?)
To Invoke: sprinkle holy oil on the weapon, and commune.

12th Circle Quest - Hodierna
Go to Hodierna's Solace which is on the south side of the crossing ferry. From the docks, go: s, s, s, go path, go clear, go arch. Open the book, and read it. After you are done with the last page, climb the stairs, and get flame.

Commune: Stops the flow of blood, does not raise vitality except for what you regain from not bleeding.
To Iinvoke: Sprinkle holy water on yourself, and sprinkle holy oil on yourself then commune.

15th Circle Quest - Eluned
First you have to go to the Cape of Storms, and find the Empath Bartling. To get there, from the outside the eastern gate of crossing go e, ne, n, n, e, se, ne, ne, e, go plank, ne, e, e, se, e, se, up, e, go shed, go arch, climb stair, up, go cat. Ask Bartling about Eluned, and wait a bit...he'll start talking. When he's done speaking, go cat, down, climb stair, go arch, out, s, east, dive cliff, dive cliff. Here you have your vision, when it's over climb indents to get back to the top of the cliff.

Commune: Gives a bonus to Swimming by eliminating Fatigue. I'm not sure if it works outside of water or not.
To Invoke: Crush a fish, and mix it with holy oil. then apply it to yourself, and commune.

20th Circle Quest - Meraud
Used to, you got this quest along with the Resurrection Quest enabling you to raise people from the dead.  Resurrection has still not been re-released as of this writing.

All you do here is go out the Western Gate, out through goblins and cross the brook as if you were going to cougars, and find the tower there.  Climb to the very top of the tower and find the wolf statue.  Scratch the wolf, and wait, and listen to the lecture.  

Commune:  When you done successfully, you will be able to consecrate a room and make it a safe room.
To Invoke: Light a stick of incense,  sprinkle holy water on yourself, then wave the stick of burning incense on yourself and then type <commune>.  I am not sure how long the room will be made safe to where you cannot be attacked or stolen from.

Infusion Quest (Pre-Resurrect Quest)
I have got to say without a doubt that this is/was the most pain in the ass and pointless quest that they have developed to date.


Once you see Tallis in the crossing temple and she gives you the quest, you will need to head down to Shard where the not-so-new hunting area is in Darkmist Moors. Once you leave the road and enter Darkmist Moors, go se, se, se,sw, e, ne,se,e, ne, nw, ne, se, e, then climb the tree. You *have* to <peer church> in order to view your path to get to it as there are 3 possible ways to get to it, either ne, se or e. Once you do that, <Climb trunk> to get down.

You will be going through Crag Moth Larva, Zombie Kobold Headhunters, and Skeletal Kobold Savages. Once you do the peer church part and go the path that it tells you to go, go ne, and go church. Refer to http://www.rangerrawb.com/ranik/Map64c.html for a map of this part. We (the folks I did this with) had to clean all the altars (there were only 2 altars).

Now comes the fun part. <g> Once you are inside the church, go n, n, go arch, go door, go path, ne, ne, e, se, sw, w and you will be at the mausoleum. The doors are tricky as they are trapped. Don't pick them or try to disarm them. We made that mistake the first time <g> before finding out that the easiest way we could open them and go inside is if a cleric casts Uncurse on it to open it. Once they are open, go door, then n, n.

You will then find yourself in the room where the ebony coffin is. In that room there is a tapestry, look/search behind it and there you will find a crank and a lever. Turn the crank so that the coffin rises. Then <look starlight> in the room and see what symbol it rests/shines on. For us, the starlight showed on the symbol of the wolf. Then we went south to the room where there is a dark tapestry and a light tapestry. Go light tapestry, and there is a wheel and a rope there. Pull the rope and the wheel will move and show an image. Since the starlight was showing on the wolf, and since this is the light tapestry, we had to show the symbol for Merauds lighter aspect which in this case was the charred staff (Firulf), then we went to the dark tapestry <go dark tapestry> once you leave there, and we had to pull the rope til the symbol for Meraud's darker aspect, in this case Kerenhappuch showed. Flowing skirt was her symbol.

Once you do that dark and light tapestry part, go back into the room where the coffin is, and pull the lever behind the tapestry there, and the coffin will come crashing down on the bier with the symbol the starlight was shining on. If you get the guesses wrong (the ones you made behind the dark and light tapestries) it will come crashing down onto the floor. After the coffin is on the bier its supposed to be on, you all <go coffin> one at at time and it will close on its own and you will end up at the Abyss. (http://www.rangerrawb.com/ranik/Map64d.html )

When you first enter the abyss you need to get 3 claws from the Lanky Grey Lachs that are in the first part of it. ( Be careful here because the lachs hide and like to ambush you and knock you out with bricks, pipes and table legs, then lock you in a cell. ) Then the cleric needs to bless them, and find the 3 altars (altar of flesh, altar of soul and altar of mind) and put 1 blessed claw on each altar. Then you need to wait a moment or two and a crystalline bridge will appear in the room where the altar of the Soul is. The altar of the Flesh is the safe room.

The critters in this part of the quest are Feral Bone Mastiffs and Transparent Shylvic, Vaporous Bloodwraiths and Gargantuan Bone Golems. When you step onto the bridge, you will get a vision. Then you will get three choices of directions with an animal/symbol choice which relates to the direction. A sample of a choice I had is below:

A beautiful vista materializes. You find yourself standing atop a mountain, with miles of open land splayed out before you. In one direction you can see lush apple trees dotting a flowered meadow. A bubbling trout filled brook meanders crookedly through fertile landscape, while a doe with a young fawn pause to drink from the cool stream. A dark forest greets you as you gaze in a different direction, while in another view snowcapped mountains emerge. Slowly the beautiful panorama, unblemished by mortal man, fades.

A spiritual cow coalesces into being on the western edge of the bridge.

A spiritual wolverine coalesces into being in the central path of the bridge.

A spiritual dove coalesces into being on the eastern edge of the bridge.

In this case I chose to go the path of the wolverine (south). And that was the correct choice. So I advanced to the 2nd part (there are 4 choices you have to make correctly before you can reach the dais where the grimoire is that you have to read before you learn Infusion).

If you make the wrong choice, you will fall into Maelshyve's Ascent and be stunned for a moment. The bloodwraiths are in here so BE CAREFUL! I stepped into one room and one of them nailed me in one cast of Aether Lance I think it was and I died. You have to run through the rooms but be careful while running because you can trip and fall, sometimes landing a few feet below on another level. Once you get to the top of it and go up, just <go throne> and you will end up in the safe room (altar of flesh). Then go ne all the way, and s all the way back to the altar of the soul and <go bridge> again and start all over.

If you take too long, the bridge will flicker and waver, then disappear and you will end up in Maelshyve's Ascent again. Then you will have to repeat the blessing of lach claws and putting them on the 3 altars part.

Once you are successful and reach the dais, type <read grimoire> and stay there until you have read it. This part will take awhile, there are some damn awful rts in there. Once you are finished, you have to <jump abyss> to get outta there and run all the way up to the top of Maelshyve's Ascent again and <go throne> again.

The only way to get out is to find the armoire that is in the Heirophant's Chamber. You have to pick it to unlock it, open it, search it, then <go armoire>. - Contributed by Amaris and www.drsecrets.com

35th Circle Quest -Saemeus Kiss Rose:
Before you talk to the halfling make sure to get the rose petals, dracon crystals, holy oil, bowl, stick, mortar and pestle. I think he will say something different if you dont have that stuff.

1. go to golden bough near bosque deriel
2. look bough
3. go path
4. go easterly to gazebo, go gaz
5. search trap
6. go trap
7. listen to halfling, he'll kick you out when he is done
8. get some of the rose petals from the garden out back of the gazebo
9. crush rose petals in mortar
10. crush dracon crystals in mortar
11. put rose pulp and dracon powder in a small jar.
12. put holy oil in jar
13. mix rose pulp in jar with a stick
14. this makes attar
15. sprinkle attar on rose (any rose will do)
16. commune with rose in hand
17. went to guild, circled.

The halfling said to take the rose to the holy altars and offer it or something but i guess you dont need to do that to circle. You only need to do that along with the rest of the stuff he says if you ever want to marry someone.

Box Popping Easter Eggs
(if you know of any other 'easter eggs' and wish to contribute, send them to me at Rivyn@msn.com and I will post them here)

the proper syntax when using these easter eggs are as follows:
<dismantle my <type of box> <easter egg> >

For example, the one for Thieves is 'thump'. So if a thief has just disarmed and popped a strongbox, this is what they would type:

<disarm my strongbox thump>

Prydaens use 'claw'
Barbarians use 'bash' (I think crush as well)

Recently submitted by ZippyTheWonderSlug:

bards - Whistle
Dwarves - Stomp
Togs - crush (anyone can crush as long as they have at least 30 in strength, but Togs can crush no matter what I was told)
Tog's? or a person with over 25 str? - crush


Recently submitted by cbdadddy:


Warrior Mages - fire (ex: dismantle my box fire)

Elotheans - press