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Families in Xaltoria

Families are a unique system in The Seventh Sun that helps role-play and enables players to create special ties in game with their friends. In a lot of games, you try to have a "family" but you have to basically push imagination to its limits to do so. In The Seventh Sun, we give you the tools to belong to a real family.   Some might go so far as to call it a 'clan'.

Some of the tools you will have as the founder of a family are:

*The ability to bring people into the family.
*The ability to disown people from the family.
*The ability to have your own private family chat channel.
*The ability to share last names with your family.
*The ability to create a family tree to distinguish direct relatives as well as relatives that may marry and take on different names.
*The ability to allow your family members to leave wills.

These are just a few of the benefits to having a family beyond companionship, role-playing opportunities and added protection. TSS will have features that families can subscribe to such as displaying a graphical family tree online, a family announcement or mailing list system and other such tools. These will help you organize and communicate with your family online as well as in game.

It's even been discussed on the forums, the possibility of adopting actual children  in the game!  So many intricate and detailed schemes......go check it out for yourself!

More to come as soon as other updates are released!

Childs Block Rotating

For more information, go to: http://www.unwritten.net