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This section is for the game known as DragonRealms prime and its "evil" counterpart, DragonRealms:The Fallen

DragonRealms and DragonRealms:The Fallen are games both owned/operated/run by Simutronics, Corporation.  You can go to their website at www.dragonrealms.com and find out more about them.



While in the past, DragonRealms *used* to be a fun game to play, it has quickly gone to hell in a handbasket.  Simu has already lost MANY MANY of their customers due to the unfair practices of many of their GMs, most especially, because of the Games Producer, GM Solomon, also known as Eric Latham who acts like Simu is his and not the real owner's, David Whatley --- he even posted on the DR forums once and called all the customers a bunch of idiots.   GOD help you if you piss off one of their friends, or them while they are in the game under the guise of their player character, because then they will use their GM powers to totally screw you over to the point of harassing you and giving you a hard time and look for any and every excuse to lock you out for any given amount of time. There are a few of their GMs who do not abuse their powers and are great to be around such as Vaschon, Tribanin (affectionately dubbed Tribbles), Natala...and a few GMs who are no longer there such as Rottcloar, Lelah and Tinsie.  



They have in fact been sued before by players (who have won I might add), one of them being the original owner of the character Sureshooter who sued them and won for harassment and mental anxiety.  One of the stipulations of his win being that he not participate in another lawsuit against them.  They have raised their prices twice........the first time wasn't too terribly bad but then at SimuCon 2003 we were told they would not raise prices again.  Then guess what?  A few days before SimuCon 2004 I believe, they announce another price hike.  Anything else you may be curious about, just send me an e-mail and I will be glad to get back to you and tell them of how they treat their customers through first hand experience seeing as how I was a customer of theirs for approximately 7 years.  Folks, I would NOT let your kids play this game if they are under the age of 18 as there are sexual predators here and its not heresay, its a fact.


A Sad Day In DragonRealms as DangerTog Leaves The Realms Forever

Many of you who have been around since the beginning of time in DR may remember that lovable big green Tog Barbarian named Dangelo who is one of the original Trailblazers there.  Dangelo awoke in the realms for the last time on September 23, 2004 to bid all of his friends goodbye.  Those who came to pay their respects were Ailyssa (forgive me if I misspelled the names here), Rhys, Legian, Manning, Martee, Banden, Michie, Stylin, Lauzel, Xixist, Havok, Branwen, Miztyrious, Kadasha, Taygar, Hashi, Candidus, Delakroix, Dreamheart.

Dreamheart, Dangelo was deeply touched by your performance, and deeply touched by those who came by to pay their respects to him and bid him a very fond farewell.

Dangelo was known by many as DangBait and DangerTog.  He was always helping others in the Realms and was a mentor way before there ever was a Lorethew Academy.  He would teach Gurt in crocs back when they were known as alligators and was one of the few who did not sell his character, and remained the original owner after all these years.

It was time for him to move on, he said.  That the realms was no longer the place that it once was and could still be if only the GMs and staff there would just get up off their asses and do something.  In fact, the weekend after SimuCon 2003 I believe, at a barbecue held at Matrimcauthons house which was attended by myself (Synnovea, Dangelo's ig wife), Tamasan (GM Risek), GM Veyl, Absinthe, Breganth, and Brisbois (can't remember who else was there), someone had asked him if he was ever coming back.  Dangelo was standing next to GM Veyl when he replied something like, "When the GMs get up off their asses and fix things like they should."  It was rather funny....things got really quiet before Veyl replied, "That's ok I can always use new victims!"


I am removing the pages for Trader, Empath, Travel and Combat scripts.  If you need one, IM (Instant Message) me at Dreamer Llorien and I will see if I got what you need, if not, you can go to: http://www.drsecrets.com  and see if they might have what you are looking for.