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Poems & Short Stories

These are a collection of poems I wrote myself and can be found at www.poetry.com . Do an author search for Ronda Lee Roberts and you will find them there.

Dancing Birds
Dancing birds with painted wing
Flow across the skies above
I always felt cheered when they would sing
Songs of laughter and songs of love....

They sing of someone who holds me safe and warm
Holding me through the roughest storm
Of our figures dancing gracefully
Across my memory.....

Dancing birds with painted wings
Snowflakes falling all around
Listen to that which nature sings
Those birds dont always deliver the sweetest sound....

Night has fallen, the wind grows cold
My heart has ceased beating, is no longer bold
I can see him kneeling by my side,
I wanted to hold him as he cried.....

Dancing birds with painted wings
They sing of one who lost his soul
'Tis so sad, the songs they sing
He lost the one heart who had made his whole.....

Copyright 2004 Ronda Lee Roberts

I Do

I do....
Swear to hold you through wrong or right,
To hold you close to me safe and tight.

I do....
Love you for who you are, not what I want you to be,
You, my love, are precious to me.

I do....
Promise to support you in whatever you do,
and love you forever with a love that is true.

I do....
Promise to love, honor and cherish you for the rest of my life,
and make you proud that I am your wife.

I do....
Love you

Copyright 2004 Ronda Lee Roberts

The Knight and His Lady

The knight gazed upon the lady fair
At the way the sun danced in her hair
As she gave him a gift more precious life
'Twere her heart as she was his wife

"Tis the gift of my life and love I give thee
For you are so precious to this body you see.
I'll never stray or be unkind
A more loving and loyal wife you'll not find."

The knight took her hand and pulled her near
Then whispered next to her perfumed ear
"My heart and my love are yours as well
When we're apart tis on you my thoughts dwell

"I have loved you since I first gazed into your eyes
So it came to me as no surprise
You are now my love my very life
Tis fortunate I am to have you to wife

Know one thing and know it now
Tis to you I make this solemn vow
Til death we shall never part
You are the holder of this knight's heart."

So saying he kissed the maiden fair
Running his fingers through her hair.
WIth a song of laughter and love in their eyes
They blessed the gods who were most wise
To have brought them together and made them as one
To embark on the adventure which life had begun.

Copyright 2004 Ronda Lee Roberts

The Song of an Elven Bard

The young Elven Bard sat alone in the meadow
Singing a sad song, soft and low.
She sang a tale of a broken heart
and of two lovers who swore never to part.

Their love was so sweet and so pure
It was one they thought would always endure,
To weather through each and every storm and strife
She had hoped someday to be his wife.

The music she hears now is not that of a weddin'
For 'tis six feet below she is beddin'
The one she loved deeply wanted her no more
The one she once loved, was her soul, her very core.

Copyright 2004 Ronda Lee Roberts

The Maiden and the Frog

The gentle young maid, alone was she
Was quietly sitting beneath the tree
When along came a little green frog
Nothing much, he was just a polywog
He spoke low and deep interrupting her muse
"My lady may I sing a song to amuse?"
The maiden was cheered by her companion's words
and laughed and smiled as he sang each verse.

When he was done and the last note did fade
there was naught but silence from the young maid
The frog, then with a frown did ask,
"My lady, did I fail to complete my task?"
She merely smiled, perhaps a bit sad
and said, "'Twere a lovely song, the best to be had.;
Tis that I've nothing to reward ye with not even a tiny gift
For you my friend, my spirits did lift."

The frog just smiled as best as he could
He knew what he wanted ---- yet didn't know if she would
"'Tis only one thing that would give me such bliss
and all I ask for the price of my song is one little kiss."
Indeed it was a tiny price, so she stooped to place a kiss on his brow
Then it happened, she failed to know how
In a flash of smoke and a bright shining light
There was a moment when fear held her tight.

When all was done and the smoke did clear
The sound of sweetly singing birds she did hear.
Instead of a frog there was a handsome Elven bard in its place
With a look of thankfulness and adoration on his face.
"I owe you my life for freeing me so
you're heart is pure this I know
May Glythtide bless you for being so kind
Another like you I'll never find."

Then the Bard kneeled before the young maid
A kiss upon her cheek he laid
Then standing, he took out his lyre and sang
"May the gods bless and keep you, as 'tis from them which we sprang."
Then he disappeared from sight as if he were never there
Yet the maiden could still hear his song on the wind and in the air
Never again did she see his face
Yet she always returned to their special place.

Copyright 2004 Ronda Lee Roberts