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The Gods of Xaltoria

The Gods of Xaltoria
Name: Toita
Personality: Caretaker/Nature/Healer
Gem: Amethyst
Botanical: Magnolia
Astrological: Northern Heart Constellation
Color Spectrum: White, Amethyst
Symbol: An amethyst heart wreathed in white magnolias
Animal Avatar: A Doe

Name: Xaltion
Personality: Creator, Crafter
Gem: Opal
Botanical: Fern
Astrological: The Sun
Color Spectrum: Silver, Gold
Symbol: A golden sun framed by two silver fern leaves
Animal Avatar: A Dolphin

Name: Jenivah
Personality: Mercy/Hunter
Gem: Peridot
Botanical: Larkspur
Astrological: The Silver Spear Constellation
Color Spectrum: Brown, forest green
Symbol: A silver spear with a handful of larkspur lashed to the shaft below the blade and a Peridot in the center of the shaft.
Animal Avatar: A Wolf

Name: Clorin
Personality: Justice/Honor
Gem: Diamond
Botanical: Rose
Astrological: Clorin's Fist Constellation
Color Spectrum: White, Navy Blue
Symbol:A navy blue fist boasting a diamond ring, the diamond shaped like a shield, and gripping a white rose.
Animal Avatar: A Lion

Name: Parotai
Personality: Mystery/Magic
Gem: Hematite
Botanical: Nightshade
Astrological: The Three Sages Constellation
Color Spectrum: Purple, Black
Symbol:Hematite stars scattered on a black triangle with a purple outline.
Animal Avatar: A Crow

Name: Jinktaro
Personality: Money/Greed
Gem: Sapphire
Botanical: Poppy
Astrological: The Platinum Coin Constellation
Color Spectrum: Spectrum: Platinum, Sapphire blue
Symbol:A platinum coin with sapphire edging.
Animal Avatar: A Ferret

Name: Polta
Personality: Warrior/Combat
Gem: Ruby
Botanical: Oak
Astrological: Polta's Sword Constellation
Color Spectrum: Red
Symbol:A massive oak tree with a silver sword imbedded in the trunk.
Animal Avatar: A Bear

Name: Veronai
Personality: Vengeance, Spite
Gem: Onyx
Botanical: Bramble
Astrological: The Widow Constellation
Color Spectrum: Black, Gray
Symbol:A black widow spider.
Animal Avatar: A spider (black widow)

Name: Zekat
Personality: Death
Gem: Opal
Botanical: Cypress
Astrological: The Scythe Constellation
Color Spectrum: Black
Symbol:A scythe slicing through a cypress branch.
Animal Avatar: A black nightmare stallion

Name: Figlan
Personality: Shadows/Stealth
Gem: Obsidian
Botanical: Jasmine (Night blooming)
Astrological: The Unseen Constellation
Color Spectrum: Gray
Symbol:A black panther crouching.
Animal Avatar: A Black Panther

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